“Unfortunately, not all mortgage brokers are created equally. Many do not know the unique challenges of our profession. Whether it is buying your first home out of medical school or residency or switching from a W2 position to an independent contractor, there are numerous landmines in today’s market that can disqualify a six-figure earner from being able to buy a home. If your mortgage broker doesn’t know how to sidestep these problems, then I’d be happy to rent you an apartment in one of my communities.” “However, if owning a home is your dream then don’t give up just because an underwriter told you that you couldn’t qualify. Make sure you read Josh’s book. Then go out and find a mortgage broker who is well versed in providing loans to physicians. I would also insist that the mortgage broker read, “Why Physician Home Loans Fail.” Better yet, give Josh a call and see if he can help you.”
Dennis Bethel, M.D.
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Excerpt from a review by whitecoatinvestor.com: The book is extremely useful for those it is aimed at — doctors who will be buying a home within the next year, especially if they plan to use a “doctor mortgage loan.” Strengths of the Book The book is only 124 pages and can easily be read in an hour or two. The entire book is physician-specific and is liberally sprinkled with actual, real-life horror stories that happened to doctors buying homes. You can learn a great deal from the mistakes of others. Weaknesses of the Book The initial draft of the book I saw was far too pro-home-buying. Between my foreword and Josh’s chapter on buy vs rent, I think that’s been fixed. The only other complaint I think someone could make is that the book is self-serving to its author. Not only does publishing a book help establish you as an expert in a field, but some might say all the horror stories in the book are included to subtly entice the reader to seek out a real expert on physician home loans when they might not need one. I have no doubt that part of the reason for writing a book like this is to increase his business. That’s hardly a sin. The fact remains that it is the only book in this niche within a niche, so I guess Josh is THE expert on the subject at this point. And it’s not like you’re choosing between using a loan officer and not using a loan officer when you get a mortgage. You might as well get one who works regularly with people in your situation.
James M. Dahle, MD, FACEP
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Thanks Josh, its a good read and definitely supports what I have seen after obtaining one physician mortgage and being in process on another, your concepts hold true and should help a loan officer, physician applicant, or loan processor.
Dr. Brandon Mitchell, M.D., Tillamook Medical Group

I implore all physicians and dentists to contact your medical and dental schools to demand this book be provided to all graduating medical and dental students. It’s that important! The book is written for the young physician either entering residency or starting out into the “real” world of becoming an attending, self-employed, or 1099 doctor. I find that as a 63 year-old, it pertains to all doctors, young or old. Any health care professional will benefit enormously from Josh Mettle’s analysis.
Douglas Carlsen DDS, Denver, CO

I highly recommend Why Physician Home Loans Fail. The author has found a niche that has rarely been touched on in the mortgage industry. This is a must have for any Physician who is looking to purchase a home, or one who has purchased and looking to purchase another home in the future. The mortgage industry is continuously evolving, and can be quite overwhelming for someone who has never worked in the industry to understand. This book turns the question marks, into exclamation points! You will become equipped with knowledge, knowing that you are now ready to obtain a home loan. I not only recommend this book to Physicians, but to everyday people who are not Physicians, as well as individuals who work in the mortgage industry.
AE, Mortgage Professional





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